Bears News · Rotary Rivalry Luncheon

On Tuesday (Oct. 16), the Rotary Club continued their tradition of hosting a luncheon to honor the rivalry between the Warren Bears and the Downey Vikings. In anticipation of this Friday’s big game, the room was filled with palpable enthusiasm and eagerness. The Rotarians display their generosity by welcoming administrators, teachers, coaches, ASB representatives, football players, and cheerleaders from both sites to mix and mingle with one another. It’s a wonderful showcase of community and solidarity, as both schools celebrate the opportunity afforded to DUSD high school athletes to play in an unmatched electric environment.

The 2018 Rotary Luncheon heard speeches from DUSD Superintendent, Dr. John Garcia, both site principals (Tom Houts and Laura Rivas), both head coaches (Jack Williams and Raul Lara), and both Activities Directors (Andrea Sims and Jay Waldron) for Downey and Warren, respectively. The cheerleaders from both sides thoroughly entertained the crowd with performances that previewed what’s to come at Friday night’s game.

There were fond recollections of games past, as alumni (from the district and Rotary Club alike) recounted their playing days. For current athletes to immerse themselves in the storied traditions of the rivalry is truly a privilege. The Warren Bears are always appreciative of the opportunity afforded to them by the Rotary Club, and the school looks forward to the groundswell of support from the Rotarians come Friday night.