Boys Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Track · Los Angeles Lakers Student of the Month

Chris Venegas, our Warren Football Quarterback, was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers as the Student of the Month. He was honored at halftime of the Lakers game on Wednesday, January 9. This is a very well-deserved honor, and our Athletic Department is incredibly proud of Venegas.

Venegas is a hard-working, respectful young man–selfless and altruistic, often putting the feelings of others before his own. Not only does he balance football and school with incredible poise, but he also volunteers at schools in his community. He hopes to provide guidance to those who would otherwise have none and serve as a role model to whom young boys can aspire. Venegas is a consummate teammate, thinking team before me in both victory and defeat. He is sensitive and empathetic, looking out for teammates who face adversity. Venegas has shown maturity in very trying situations, unfailingly maintaining his composure and compassion.

Not everything comes easily to Venegas, even in the arena of his life that he most loves—football. There have been numerous occasions on which he could have given up on himself; however, he possesses the heart of a champion, and he has managed to persevere even when he felt that most people had  little reason to believe in him. Whether facing hardship on the gridiron or at home, Venegas has proven his tenacity and his resilience. He has faced challenging obstacles, but he has come out a stronger young man with a humble self-assuredness about him.

This is a fantastic accomplishment for Venegas, but it also speaks volumes of the teachers, coaches, and staff members on Warren’s campus who believe in our students. When Venegas struggled to believe in himself, he had members of our Bears’ staff who were willing to strengthen the shaky foundation on which he stood. He has embraced teachers and coaches as family, and these adults have made an indelible impression on his life.