Bears News · Athletic Signing Day Celebration

On Wednesday, May 22, the Warren High School Athletic Department hosted the Athletic Signing Day Celebration! The Athletic Department was proud to honor 14 student-athletes who have signed national letters of intent to continue their athletic and academic pursuits at a four-year college/university.

  1. Kailyn Lorberter–Softball at Bucknell University
  2. Marisol Gaona–Softball at Portland State
  3. Lesly Gonzalez–Soccer at The University of Nevada, Reno
  4. Nayeli Carcamo–Soccer at California State University, Fullerton
  5. Sengum Gankhuyag–Golf at California State University, Northridge
  6. Micaela Eduardo–Wrestling at Life Pacific College 
  7. Robbie Colenzo–Football at University of Utah
  8. Damarryea Armstrong–Football at The University of Nevada, Reno  
  9. Christopher Venegas–Football at The University of La Verne
  10. Isaac Ramirez–Football at  Pacific University (Oregon)
  11. Alex Ortiz Valenzuela–Football at Whittier College
  12. Jabari Hughes–Football at Southwest Minnesota State University
  13. Arvi’onte Sheffield–Football at Southwest Minnesota State University
  14. Jonathan (JJ) Mc Daniel–Football at Southwest Minnesota State University

These student-athletes have phenomenal opportunities ahead of them, but the Athletic Department would like to recognize the collective effort that ensured that these opportunities were brought to fruition. The Downey Unified School District Board of Education, superintendent, assistant superintendents, and directors always support our efforts to offer the best comprehensive high school experience. The Warren High School administrative team, teachers, and staff members provide our student-athletes with a platform from which to be challenged in the rigorous academic setting while also flourishing in their highly competitive athletic environment. The Warren High School coaches make innumerable sacrifices on behalf of their athletes, which is truly inspiring. Day in and day out, the coaches give their time, energy, effort, and heart to help our student-athletes succeed. Our coaches are dedicated to their craft because of a pure passion for their sport and an altruistic love for their athletes. Finally, the families of our student-athletes deserve recognition. Family members have celebrated their wins, nurtured their injuries, mourned their losses, and encouraged their recoveries. They have driven countless miles back and forth to practices; they have sacrificed weekends at club tournaments and travel ball showcases. Supporting a student-athlete who has lofty aspirations can be an all-consuming job, and our families and friends have done this with generous resolve. They have raised young men and women who are not only successful in their sport but who have managed to thrive in the classroom. Of utmost importance, they have raised young men and women of integrity and character, proud representations of our Bear family!

The Athletic Signing Day Celebration should be an inspiration to all underclassmen; it should be proof that our athletes can get to the next level if they are willing to put in the effort. A little unsolicited advice to all of our college hopefuls: first and foremost, you must perform in the classroom; academics need to be a priority. It is imperative that you manage your time wisely because it is going to take unmatched dedication and unparalleled effort to get to the next level in the coming years. Control the intangibles! You need to develop a work ethic that is exceptional; you need to be disciplined and committed to your craft; you need to be coachable, responsible, and adaptable; you need to embrace any role given to you and put your teams’ needs before your own desires; you need to embrace a positive attitude and carry yourselves with a demeanor of honor and integrity. If you do this, then you are giving yourself a chance to be honored at this celebration in the future.

For our 14 student-athletes who were honored at the event, the Athletic Department would like to wish them luck and continued success. Signing a national letter of intent is the culmination of all of the sweat, sore muscles, and aching bodies. The Athletic Department is proud to honor these student-athletes for their resolve and resilience, tenacity and determination. Only roughly 7% of high school athletes earn the opportunity to compete at the next level, and our 14 student-athletes have earned the right to consider themselves a part of that upper echelon. These opportunities do not simply materialize for anyone; rather, these opportunities manifest themselves for the few who are willing to bolster their incredible talent with superior effort to make a truly exceptional athlete. To conclude with more unsolicited advice: be prepared to work even harder than you have to get to this point. Your academic and athletic journeys are just about to evolve into something far greater than anything you’ve experienced thus far. Embrace these opportunities and do not take any moments for granted. Be prepared to compete, not just under the lights in front of a packed stadium, but all day every day. Know that you always have someone right behind you hoping to surpass you and take your spot. Never let anyone outwork you and earn every opportunity. Be loyal and committed to this journey; never give up on yourself. Always show the fortitude of mind and strength of character that is needed in order to compete at this next level. Be courageous in your efforts and be steadfast in your resolve to see it through to its entirety—a degree while playing the sport that you love. You have made our athletic department and our school at-large so incredibly proud; continue to fill us with pride as you do great things in the next level.

Once a Bear, always a Bear! Congratulations Class of 2019!