Bears News · A Season Suspended

To My Bear Family,

I have been struggling to articulate everything I want to say to all of our athletes, specifically our spring sports athletes. Quite frankly, I realize that nothing I put in writing is going to ameliorate this situation. There is nothing I can say that will give you back the opportunities and memories that have been stripped from you prematurely. This has been devastating. Honestly, my heart breaks for you!

I know that we all need to stay safe and remain healthy. We are alone together! By staying home, you are accomplishing something that goes beyond anything you can achieve on a court/field/pool/track; you are saving lives! You are making a monumental sacrifice to ensure your well-being and that of those around you! The welfare of our nation is of paramount importance. I whole-heartedly respect the decisions that are being made to help ensure the protection of everyone’s well-being. Nike said it best, you are playing for a team that is far bigger than Warren; by playing inside, you are playing for the world!

All that being said, it does not change the fact that this is absolutely devastating. I am heartbroken for our athletes and our coaches. I know how much time and dedication each of you devote to your respective sports, and your seasons are canceled due to extraneous circumstances beyond anyone’s control. My heart breaks for all of our seniors who are deprived of the opportunity to take the field/track/pool/court one more time. Our seniors who have proudly donned Warren across their chests for the past three years will not have the opportunity to see their high school careers play out to their entirety. It hurts. I cannot swallow this lump in my throat. If only we had known it was your last game/match/meet, we would have given you the goodbye that you deserve! These are moments and memories that we will never be able to recreate for you, and I am sincerely sorry to see it end like this.

Please know that I respect everything you do for our school and our community. I am proud of you as athletes, but more importantly, I am proud of the young men and women you have become. You work tirelessly to develop your craft, you make personal sacrifices so that you can give the most of yourself to your sport and your team, and you put your everything (physically, mentally, and emotionally) into helping uplift Warren Athletics. You are role models, you are fighters, and you are champions. You challenge those around you to be better because that is what you expect of yourselves. You compete, you succeed, you fail, you persevere, and you inspire!

Trust the fact that your coaches have taught you invaluable life lessons that are going to resonate well beyond the playing field. You know how to show strength and fortitude in the face of adversity; respond to unforeseen circumstances with composure and resilience; rebound with tenacity and determination from loss/injury/setbacks; and maintain courage, faith, and perseverance when it seems that formidable obstacles are insurmountable. Now more than ever, you are going to depend on those lessons that your coaches have instilled in each of you. I am grateful that you are armed with the tools to get through this and come out stronger on the other side. I have loved watching you compete! It fills me with boundless joy to support my Bears! I could not be more proud that you represent Warren Athletics, and you will always be a Bear! You are family!

I am 100% confident that we would have accomplished momentous feats this spring! Be proud of everything you have done thus far, and rest assured that the best is yet to come for your lives! Be courageous in everything you do! Trust that there is greatness in each of you, and I will be watching from life’s sidelines supporting your every play!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay strong!

With Admiration, Respect, and Love,

Samantha Miyahara (Warren High School Athletic Director)