Bears News · Athletics Reopening

The Bears are back!

Starting on Monday, August 24, 2020, teams will be allowed to resume practices in a limited capacity. There will be numerous parameters in place to safeguard our student-athletes.

What does the new norm look like? Below are the most important points:

Summer practice protocols/parameters will still be in place at this time.

  1. Maintain social distancing (6-feet separation) at all times
  2. Masks upon entry/exit/non-high-intensity cardio activity
  3. No more than 50 people at one time
  4. No contact
  5. No shared equipment
  6. No indoor facilities (weight room, team rooms, locker rooms)

Every student must submit a signed DUSD Notification and a signed DUSD Waiver in order to practice. If a student-athlete has already submitted one during the summer, he/she does not need to submit a new one. We need hard copies of these forms because we need to collect wet signatures.

Every athlete will need to go through the pre-screening process (temperature checks, questionnaire, and record-keeping) before every workout. Coaches will carve out 15-30 minutes before practices begin to serve as pre-screening time.

Athletes must arrive in their practice attire. Athletes must return home to shower and wash their workout clothes immediately following their practices.

The focus will be on conditioning and individual skills.

**Of special importance: every athlete needs to be cleared through before returning to practices. We will have to turn away anyone who has not created their account or uploaded their physical.

Practices will be scheduled outside of the distance learning day. Morning workouts will end by 8:00AM, and athletes need to be picked up promptly at 8:00AM. Afternoon workouts will not begin until 3:30PM.

Please continue to visit the Athletics Website for practice schedule announcements. The schedule will be released on the website and on social media by the end of this week (August 21, 2020).

It’s going to look different and restrictive, but we cannot wait to see our Bears back on campus! Until then, stay safe and work hard through your distance learning platforms!

Links to the pertinent documents are provided below:

DUSD Reopening Notification and Waiver

2020-2021 Athletic Physical