Bears News · Mary R. Stauffer Foundation Scholar-Athlete Merit Award

Every year, the Mary R. Stauffer Foundation generously recognizes student-athletes who have earned varsity letters in their respective sports while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. This year was especially unique because we are able to honor students at a time in which good news is desperately needed and celebrations are eagerly welcomed.

The Warren Athletic Department would like to proudly recognize the 121 student-athletes who earned the Mary R. Stauffer Foundation Scholar-Athlete Merit Award:

Estevan Acosta B. Cross Country
Alejandra Alfaro G. Volleyball
Chris Almaguer B. Cross Country
Brandon Altamirano B. Tennis
Victor Anguiano B. Cross Country
Priszila Anguiano G. Cross Country
Julian Angulo Baseball
David Avila B. Aquatics
Leah Avila G. Volleyball
Joshlyn Ayala G. Golf
Antonio Batres B. Aquatics
Edu Beltran B. Soccer
Juan Betancourt B. Tennis
Harsh Bhagat B. Tennis
Smit Bhagat B. Tennis
Yash Bhagat B. Tennis
Shelbee Botello Softball
Dominic Bours Football
Randall Branch B. Basketball
Rocco Caballero Football
Rocco Caballero Baseball
Michelle Campos G. Track and Field
Reagan Cardoza B. Golf
Jaquelyn Castano G. Wrestling
Jesse Castillo B. Golf
Shelby Castillo G. Wrestling
Daniel Castillo B. Soccer
Brianna Castro G. Aquatics
Jason Castro B. Soccer
Alexis Cazares G. Wrestling
Alicia Cazares G. Track and Field
Dayanara Cendejas G. Track and Field
Karlene Chavarria Softball
Lilian Comee G. Aquatics
Jaylon Connish Football
Nina Cooper G. Track and Field
Isaiah Cortez B. Wrestling
Daniel Cuadras Baseball
Madison Curd G. Basketball
De’anthony Curtis Football
Angela Dang Cheer
Anna Davila G. Tennis
Andrea Delgadillo Cheer
Anabel Duenas G. Tennis
Natalie Esparza G. Cross Country
Jaylynn Fierro G. Volleyball
Hauze Fragoso Baseball
Luke Freire B. Tennis
Gabriel Galvan Football
Ashley Garcia Softball
Paola Garcia Softball
Mia Garcia G. Aquatics
Giselle Gin Cheer
Juan Pablo Giraldo B. Soccer
Priscella Gomez G. Cross Country
Mayra Gonzalez G. Volleyball
Jacqueline Gonzalez G. Track and Field
Aidan Gonzalez Baseball
Melana Goodloe G. Basketball
Xamarion Gordon Football
Mayalyn Guadarrama G. Wrestling
Isabel Guerra G. Cross Country
Aracelly Guerra G. Track and Field
Juan Guerrero B. Aquatics
Irma Guevarra Cheer
Emily Guillen G. Track and Field
Drew Gutierrez G. Soccer
Skye Gutierrez G. Cross Country
Alana Haney G. Basketball
Andrew Haro Football
Alyssa Hernandez Softball
Annemarie Hernandez G. Aquatics
Alyssa Hernandez G. Volleyball
Michelle Huerta G. Cross Country
Alexis Hurrea Cheer
Katelyn Ibarra Softball
Abndrew Iniguez B. Wrestling
Anisa Jimenez Cheer
Joshua Johnson Football
Jazlyn Juarez G. Basketball
Axel Kim B. Soccer
Daniela Kodama G. Track and Field
Jonathan Kozasky Baseball
Lauren Lopes G. Track and Field
Adolfo Lopez B. Cross Country
Jezbell Lopez G. Wrestling
Daniela Lopez G. Track and Field
Samuel Maiava Football
Vincent Kobe Malang B. Tennis
Jessica McLennan G. Track and Field
Megan Melendez G. Volleyball
Victoria Mendez Cheer
Paulina Mercado G. Wrestling
Jasmine Montanez G. Tennis
Eriana Munoz Softball
Lauren Nevarez Softball
Krystal Nuyen G. Volleyball
Alexander Odinstov B. Tennis
Chukwudi Okoli B. Basketball
Ibrahim Orihuela Football
Tyler Oviedo Baseball
Ethan Padilla B. Aquatics
Mercedes Padilla G. Aquatics
Philycia Pedroza Softball
Julissa Prieto G. Tennis
Sylvia Quintero G. Soccer
Stephanie Ramirez G. Basketball
Carisia Raygoza G. Soccer
Linda Rodas G. Wrestling
Mia Rodriguez G. Soccer
Zayanna Serrano G. Aquatics
Mackenzie Sonico G. Volleyball
Giovanni Soria B. Soccer
Allanah Soriano G. Tennis
Haile Torres Softball
Ashley Tucker Football
Pujan Vaghashia B. Tennis
Abigail Vega Cheer
David Velador B. Cross Country
Juliana Velasco Cheer
Jazmine Villasenor G. Aquatics

These student-athletes have proven to thrive in the classroom while flourishing in their sports. They epitomize the characteristics we hope to promote in all student-athletes. It takes an incredible amount of hard work, discipline, and determination to perform at the top of the game and the top of classroom; therefore, we are incredibly proud of these student-athletes who found a way to persevere and succeed during an unpredictably challenging 2019-2020 school year.

Dr. Mary Stauffer created the foundation to give back to the community of Downey, where she had a successful medical practice. Her husband, Dr. Floyd (Dal) Stauffer was a scholar and an athlete and inspired the Stauffer Scholar-Athlete Award over 20 years ago. The Warren Athletic Department is incredibly grateful to Dr. Stauffer and the Mary R. Stauffer Foundation for their continued support of our student-athletes. We continue to be appreciative of and inspired by Dr. Stauffer’s altruism and philanthropy.

Again, congratulations to the 121 student-athletes who we have the privilege of honoring with this prestigious award. Please view the Downey Patriot on October 22, 2020 for a glimpse of the press release from the Mary R. Stauffer Foundation. Warren High School and the Warren Athletic Department are incredibly proud of your accomplishments in the classroom and on the playing field!

Photo Credit (Featured Image): Downey Patriot–Eric Pierce