Bears News · Pink Power: Not Just Surviving, Thriving!

2020 has been an undeniably challenging year. We have faced more obstacles and uncertainties than ever before. We have adopted new norms that are anything but normal. We have made innumerable sacrifices. We have faced loss, devastation, and grief. Through it all, we have persevered. We have found strength, courage, and determination that we have never before tapped into. We have been dumbfounded and awestruck by how much we are able to endure.  We have found a way not merely to survive but to thrive! This year has seemed insurmountable at times; however, it has proven to be a testament to our resilience and grit.

While celebrating all that we have overcome, we would be remiss not to take time to honor those who have always been a beacon of fortitude and fearlessness–the fighters and survivors of breast cancer! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Warren Athletic Department would like to take a moment to remember those who fought gallantly and lost their lives in their battle with breast cancer. We would like to honor those who are currently fighting breast cancer with heroism and tenacity. And we would like to celebrate those who have triumphantly defeated breast cancer. The Warren Athletic Department stands with you! We honor you. We recognize you for your unrelenting strength, your impregnable spirit, and your indomitable hope. Our hearts go out to all of those who have lost loved ones in their fights against breast cancer. Please take comfort and strength in knowing that we support you and hope to galvanize you in moments of grief and despair. Throughout the month of October, we recognize all of those who have fought breast cancer; however, we are bolstered by your courage throughout the entire year, it is not merely relegated to one month. Every day, you prove that cancer is a word, not a sentence.

The Warren Girls’ Track and Field team has dedicated this month to remembering those lost, honoring those currently fighting, and celebrating those who have survived. Although our ability to congregate and celebrate has been thwarted, the Girls’ Track and Field team has continued to take strides toward recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness month. Our Bears are inspired by the resolve of our fighters! We hope, even under less than ideal circumstances, to continue to shed light and love on those who have been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer.

We hope, we fight, we will win!