Bears News · Hitting the Headlines: Xamarion Gordon Featured in SI All Trojans

On November 23, 2020, our very own Xamarion Gordon was featured in SI All Trojans. Gordon has committed to USC, and he plans on continuing his academic and athletic pursuits as a Trojan. He will be graduating from Warren after the fall semester, and he will begin attending USC in Spring 2021.

In his interview with Claudette Montana Pattison, he talked about the challenges and successes of distance learning and pandemic training. He also spoke about his excitement to begin training with the Trojans and his eagerness to work with the Defensive Coordinator–Todd Orlando–and fellow teammates in the safety position.

SI All Trojans released a very thorough evaluation of Gordon, assessing his value through multiple facets of the game (frame, athleticism, instincts, and polish). He has been a highly sought-after recruit, and he is still receiving interest from other programs in spite of having committed to USC. Although flattered and humbled by the pursuit, Gordon is still very much loyal to the Trojans.

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