Bears News · Canned Food Drive: Team Challenge

Athletics will be participating in a team challenge in support of Warren ASB and the Downey PTA HELPS Room! ASB is currently hosting the annual canned food drive. ASB is in the final week of the competition, and Athletics will be getting involved to help a great cause!

Coach Jay Waldron, ASB Director, gave the Athletic Department multiple ways in which our teams can help. According to Coach Waldron, “Our numbers are much lower than expected, and the need in our community is even greater this year.” The Athletic Department is hoping to help by creating a friendly challenge against one another to see which teams can generate the most can points. We hope that participating in this philanthropic challenge “can give some of us much needed inspiration by doing something altruistic for someone else.”  ASB has made it easy to donate. Here are the options:

  • Venmo donations greatly appreciated: (@WHS-CFD)
  • Cash or Checks (payable to Downey Council PTA HELPS) accepted at the front office
  • Cans accepted at the front office

*Athletes need to include their names and the name of their teams in the Venmo submission and/or on the form in the front office.*

For athletic contributions, ASB is willing to extend donations up through next Monday (01/11/21). Just $5 or a couple of canned goods can make a huge a difference!

As an added incentive, ASB will provide the results of this Athletics Challenge following the culmination of the donations. The Athletic Department will host a safe, socially-distanced drive-through doughnut party for the top 3 teams!

In order to calculate the top 3 teams, we will be taking the total number of can points raised and dividing it by the number of athletes on a roster. This will hopefully create fairness and equity for smaller teams. For example, if football (roster size–163) brings in 325 can points and boys’ golf (roster size–13)  brings in 45 can points, their respective averages would be 1.99pts/player (fb) and 3.46pts/player (b. golf). In this example, boys’ golf would prove victorious based on the can point average.

Let the games begin!!

Thank you for your help with this deserving cause! Again, any contributions can make a huge difference. Let’s see what our teams are capable of accomplishing in a week of donations!

Please email me ( or Coach Waldron ( if you have any questions or need any further information.