Bears News · Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach Award

Congratulations to our very own Coach Z on being named 1 of the 100 Regional Winners of the PCA’s Double-Goal Coach Award presented by TeamSnap! We are so proud of him, and we cannot think of a more deserving candidate for this prestigious honor! What a phenomenal group of recipients, and we are so humbled to see Coach Z as a Regional Winner!

Coach Zaiid Leflore, more affectionately known as Coach Z, works tirelessly to develop all athletes’ abilities. He treats all athletes fairly and consistently, regardless of their status as the most novice freshman or the most highly-recruited senior. He gives every athlete a chance, and he treats all athletes with respect and dignity. He makes every athlete feel valued; even the athletes who do not get much playing time know that they are an integral part of the team. In treating all athletes with such courtesy, he instills in them self-worth. Coach Z is authentic and sincere in everything he does, so athletes never question if he is being disingenuous. He treats all athletes with love and tenderness as though they are a part of his own family. He creates an environment in which basketball is more than a sport; it is a safe zone where athletes can escape their realities and experience the unadulterated love for their sport. Athletes are not afraid to make mistakes because Coach Z challenges them to focus on that which they can control–effort and attitude. Mistakes are inevitable; mistakes are a tool for growth. Coach Z simply asks that every athlete gives his utmost effort on every play and does so with a positive and uplifting attitude. When the season comes to an end, Coach Z’s boys are truly devastated, not because of the losses; rather, because those athletes wholeheartedly love playing for Coach Z and hate seeing it come to an end.

We are proud to have Coach Z as a part of our Bear Family, and honored to see his recognition through the Positive Coaching Alliance!